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GRP roofing, increasingly popular for commercial flat roofs, is made from glass-reinforced polyester. This material combines polyester resin with fine glass fibres to form a robust laminate ideal for flat commercial roofs.

How is a GRP Roof Constructed?

The process starts with laying a decking board that serves as the base, slightly sloped to facilitate rainwater drainage. Edge trims are then fixed around the decking.

Before applying the resin, ensure the roof is clean. Place a fiberglass mat on the deck, then evenly apply the resin, using tools like rollers or brushes. After applying the resin and checking for pinholes, add a protective topcoat. Once dry, the fiberglass roof is set for use.

Benefits of GRP Roofing for Commercial Properties in London

GRP roofing offers several advantages for commercial buildings:

Comprehensive Coverage: GRP roofs provide a seamless cover without gaps, significantly reducing leakage risks.

Longevity: With a lifespan of about 20 years and minimal maintenance requirements, GRP is a cost-effective roofing solution.

Lightweight: Its light weight makes it suitable for commercial buildings that require a less heavy roofing material.

Quick and Safe Installation: The installation process is both rapid and safe, minimizing downtime for businesses.

Weather Resistance: Its resistance to water and strong winds makes GRP an excellent choice for commercial flat roofs.

Examples of our Commercial Fibreglass Roofing work

Repairing Commercial Flat Roofs

Common GRP roof issues include:

Cracking: Resulting from thermal expansion, indicating a need for more space for the roof to accommodate temperature changes.

Alligatoring: A sign of aging, where the roof loses elasticity and starts cracking, often necessitating a complete replacement.

Pinholes: These occur when insufficient topcoat is applied, requiring a new layer of resin for sealing.

For these or other issues, Roofpro offers professional evaluations and free, no-obligation quotes for repairs.

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