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Considering skylights for your commercial property?

Skylights are an increasingly popular choice for businesses in London, particularly for enhancing natural light in office spaces, retail environments, and other commercial buildings.

Skylights offer a practical and aesthetic solution to brighten up commercial spaces, greatly impacting the interior atmosphere and energy efficiency of your property.

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is essentially a window located in the roof of a building.

While simple in concept, skylights are sophisticated architectural elements that require careful planning and installation. Typically smaller than wall-mounted windows, skylights efficiently illuminate interiors with sunlight, making them perfect for commercial buildings where additional natural light is desired, such as in warehouses or office complexes.

Glass is the preferred material for skylights due to its clarity and modern appearance. For cost-effective alternatives, polycarbonate skylights are also a viable option, offering transparency and reduced expenses.

Types of Commercial Skylights

Skylights can significantly enhance both flat and pitched roofs on commercial properties.

Flat Roof Skylights

Our team has extensive experience in installing skylights on flat commercial roofs, offering various types:

Fixed Skylights for continuous natural light.

Opening Skylights to allow both light and air circulation.

Walk-On Skylights, designed for accessible flat roofs, built to endure foot traffic.

Lantern Style Skylights, creating a striking visual and maximizing light entry.

Pitched Roof Skylights

We also provide skylights for pitched commercial roofs:

Roof Windows (Velux) – A popular option for angled roofs, providing light and ventilation, ideal for office extensions or converted spaces.

Conservation Style – Similar to Velux but with distinct design features like black trims.

Abutment Skylights – Custom solutions for unique roof shapes, fitting snugly in complex roof designs.

Examples of our Commercial London Sky Light Installation Roofing work

Benefits of Skylights for Commercial Properties in London

Energy Savings: Skylights reduce the reliance on artificial lighting, lowering energy costs and increasing warmth in colder months.

Improved Work Environment: Natural light and fresh air from skylights can enhance the work atmosphere, beneficial for employee well-being and productivity.

Aesthetic Value: Skylights add a modern touch to commercial buildings, potentially raising property value and improving external appeal.

Commercial Skylight Installation, Replacement, and Maintenance in London

For professional skylight installation, replacement, or maintenance for your commercial property, Roofpro is your trusted partner.

Our team of skilled professionals ensures high-quality service in skylight solutions, maintaining clear communication throughout your project.

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