Domestic Fibreglass
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GRP (glass reinforced polyester) roofing, a popular choice for flat roofs, consists of a polyester resin combined with fine glass fibres to create a durable laminate spread across flat roofs.

How to Build a GRP Roof?

The process begins with installing a slightly sloped decking board as the base. Edge trims are then placed around the decking and secured.

After ensuring the roof is clean, lay a fiberglass mat on the deck, followed by a resin application, using either a roller or paintbrush. After applying sufficient resin and checking for pinholes, finish with a topcoat. Once dried, the fiberglass roof is ready.

The Benefits of GRP Roofing for Your London Home

GRP roofing offers several advantages:

Complete Roof Covering: Unlike other materials that require flashing to cover gaps, GRP provides a seamless covering, reducing the risk of leaks.

Durability: A GRP roof can last around 20 years, with minimal maintenance required.

Lightweight: Ideal for structures like garages or sheds that need a light but protective roofing solution.

Quick Installation: Fiberglass roofing is not only safe but also quick to install, offering rapid protection.

Weatherproof: GRP’s water-resistant nature and wind resistance make it an excellent choice for flat roofs.

Examples of our Domestic Fibreglass Roofing work

Repairing a Flat Roof

Common issues with GRP roofs include:

Cracking: Caused by thermal expansion, it indicates insufficient space for roof movement.

Alligatoring: This signifies the end of a GRP roof’s lifespan, where it loses elasticity and starts to crack.

Pinholes: Small holes that occur when insufficient topcoat is applied during installation, requiring a new resin application.

For any such issues, contact RoofPro for a professional assessment and a free, no-obligation repair quote.

London Domestic GRP Roofing Repairs and Installation

The key to a durable and secure roof is proper installation. RoofPro’s team of trained contractors ensures efficient and precise fiberglass roofing installation and repairs across London.

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