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What is Hot Melt Roofing?

Hot melt roofing involves applying a waterproof membrane to a flat roof. It’s particularly suited for inverted roofs, such as green roofs, where it forms the initial waterproof layer beneath insulation and top roofing materials. Many residential roofs benefit from a top protective layer, and hot melt offers a seamless, completely waterproof solution. Hot melt roofing is applied in liquid form and then covered with a protective layer for maximum effectiveness.

Where to use Hot Melt Roofing

Hot melt roofing is perfect for ensuring your home’s flat roof is fully waterproof. It covers completely without leaving gaps, making it ideal for various residential flat roofs, including green roofs. It’s commonly used in both small and large domestic properties needing waterproofing. Hot melt roofing adds a practical, lightweight layer of protection, essential for residential buildings.

Examples of our Domestic Hot Melt Roofing work

The Benefits of Hot Melt Roofing

Hot melt roofing offers several advantages for your home:

Seamless Coverage: As a monolithic layer, it eliminates joints that could fail, minimizing water leakage risks.

Waterproof: Essential for keeping homes dry, it forms a completely waterproof membrane.

Quick Installation: The liquid membrane is easy and fast to apply, perfect for time-sensitive projects.

Durability: Designed to last as long as your roof, providing long-term protection.

Versatility: Suitable for roofs of all shapes and sizes, hot melt can be applied to any configuration.

Hot Melt Roof Repairs

We also repair hot melt roofs. Although durable, if damages like holes or tears occur, repairs are straightforward. After removing the upper layers, we reapply the hot melt to seal any gaps, ensuring your roof is as good as new.

Expert Domestic Hot Melt Roofing Installation with RoofPro

While installing a hot melt roof is not overly complex, it does involve handling hazardous materials and high temperatures. Therefore, it’s best to rely on experienced professionals like Roofpro. We are seasoned experts in hot melt roofing, committed to delivering a safe, professional, and satisfactory service. Discuss your project with us and get a free, no-obligation quote today.

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