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RoofPro: Your Go-To Experts for Domestic Lead Roofing in London

When it comes to lead roofing for your home, RoofPro is the name you can trust. With a wealth of experience in lead roofing installation and repair, we offer a service that is as professional as it is efficient.

Lead roofing is an excellent choice for homeowners due to its durability and versatility. Starting as a roll of lead, this material is highly malleable, making it perfect for covering intricate shapes and corners on your home’s roof. Once moulded, the lead is affixed to the roof using industrial-grade sealants.

Various Applications of Lead in Domestic Roofing


Flashing is crucial for sealing the edges of your roof and any surrounding structures like chimneys. Lead’s mouldable nature makes it ideal for creating watertight seals.

Full Roof Coverage

Particularly useful for flat roofs, lead can be rolled out and sealed at the edges, offering robust protection against the elements.

Roof Valleys

In pitched roofs, lead can be used to seal the valleys where two slopes meet, effectively preventing water ingress.

Examples of our Domestic Lead Roofing work

Why Choose Lead for Your Home’s Roof?

Aesthetic Appeal: Lead offers a sleek, modern finish that can enhance the look of your home.

Longevity: Known to last over 100 years, lead is a long-term investment for your domestic roofing needs.

Eco-Friendly: Lead is 100% recyclable, making it a green choice for your home.

Versatility: From full roofs to small, intricate seals, lead can be moulded to fit any requirement.

Weather Resistant: Lead withstands all kinds of British weather, from snowstorms to heatwaves.

Expert Lead Roof Repairs

We don’t just install; we repair too. Lead roofs require expert installation to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. If you notice cracks or other issues, RoofPro is just a call away.

Safety First in Lead Roof Installation

Safety is paramount. Our team undergoes extensive training to handle lead responsibly, ensuring a safe and reliable roof for your home.

Choose RoofPro for Your Domestic Lead Roofing Needs in London

Whether you’re renovating a heritage home or building a new one, we offer a range of lead types to suit your specific needs. From sand-cast lead for older homes to milled lead for modern properties, we have you covered.

Get in touch with us today. We look forward to making your home safer and more beautiful.

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