How Sika Sarnafil Is Used For Commercial And Domestic Flat Roof Projects

Sika Sarnafil is a single ply flat roofing system designed specifically for roofing purposes.

It’s an increasingly popular flat roof solution for both commercial and domestic properties. The layer is sealed at the joints with heat, adhesive or mechanically fixed and/or ballasted into flat, pitched, or green roof systems.

Here are some reasons and benefits for having Sarnafil in both commercial and domestic properties.


Some of Britain’s well-known buildings are Sika Sarnafil roofs. It’s a great roofing solution for education, commerce, leisure, travel and retail sectors.

This is due to Sarnafil being dimensionally stable, which means it won’t lose its shape or shrink. Sika Sarnafil membranes are also UV resistant. This will protect it from the sun’s rays and make it last much longer.

Businesses tend to want long-lasting and cost-effective roofing solutions, especially since most commercial buildings tend to be flat roofs. Sika Sarnafil is great for providing the perfect combination of durable and low maintenance roofing.


Sika Sarnafil is used on flat roofs on domestic properties all over the world.

They are incredibly popular for new builds, renovations, house extensions, conservatories, garage roof and roof terraces.

Sarnafil is a popular choice due to its ease of installation, cost effectiveness and curb appeal. Guarantees are also high on the decision-making list and Sika Sarnafil comes with a guarantee to make sure residents feel comfortable and its protected.


RoofPro is a Sika Sarnafil approved roofing contractor and can install and advise on any questions you have regarding Sarnafil flat roofs.

Based in Southwest London, we’re perfectly situated to offer Sarnafil roofing across the London boroughs.

Whether you require Sarnafil roofing for commercial or domestic application, get in touch and we’ll carefully discuss your requirements.

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