The benefits of regular commercial roofing maintenance

Roofs are a vital part of any building.

Whether it is your home, or your workplace, the building is often unusable if there are issues with the roof.

In a commercial building, the roof is even more important.

With potential customers safety and the fact that you need the building to be open to run your business to take into account, making sure your commercial roof is well-maintained is vital.

Regular maintenance of a commercial roof provides many benefits, and we’ve listed seven key ones here.

Let’s take a look.

7 Benefits of Regular Maintenance on Your Commercial Roof

Extends the Life Expectancy

If you own a commercial building, the last thing you will want when running your business is to have to pay for a new roof.

All roofs have a life expectancy, but this can be changed by the amount of care you provide your roof.

By being able to quickly spot any issues and getting quick repairs down, you are minimising the chance small issues turn into big problems that may require more than a quick fix.

Regular maintenance can also help you keep on top of your seals, flashing, and drainage, which left unattended could cause water damage to the structure of your roof which in some cases cannot be fixed.

It can also help remove debris that is on your roof, such as branches from trees for example, which can cause rips and tears if not removed.

Your roof is a valuable part of your commercial building, and depending on the size of your property, a replacement could be a big expense to your business, so make sure you keep a close eye on it.

Prevents Leaks

If your roof is leaking, this is not a good sign.

In a commercial business, this could straight away cause a potential slip hazard to your customers. It will also be doing damage to the interior of your property.

For example, if you have spent a large amount of money on a new carpet for your commercial building, you wouldn’t want water dripping on it and causing it damage, so staying on top of leaks is vital.

Things like keeping an eye on flashing as we mentioned earlier is a good way of avoiding leaks, but it is also wise to keep an eye on the interior of your building.

If you are noticing damp patches in your ceiling or water on the floor, it’s a sign something has gone wrong.

Commercial buildings often have flat roofs, so another thing to watch out for is pooling if your roof is not draining properly.

If you keep an eye on your roof and regularly keep your flashing secure, your guttering clean, and make sure there are no pools of water, then you’re sure to minimise the chance of leaks and water damage which is a bis step towards keeping a healthy commercial roof.

Reduces Energy Costs

A well-maintained roof can actually end up saving you money by lowering your energy bills.

If you can make sure things like your insulation and ventilation are working as they should and there are no issues, then this will help keep the interior of your property at a comfortable temperature which in turn will mean you need to use less amounts of energy.

Insulation works best when in a good condition, and if there are patches or it is old and worn, you will lose some of its power and this could mean you need to use more energy inside your building.

The environment is a big factor for customers, so it is vital you get your air quality and temperature right so that customers will enjoy being in your building.

If you have a hole in your roof and you are losing heat for example, your customers will feel cold and won’t stay around for too long.

Alternatively, if you are using a reflective coating on your roof but it isn’t well maintained, the inside may get too hot, and you may have to use a lot of energy on air conditioning.

Taking the time to keep an eye on your energy-saving features of your roof and fixing any issues will keep your interior much more comfortable without the need to use lots of energy, so it is good for your customers, your finances, and the planet.

Enhances Safety

Another element that is very important for a commercial building is safety.

If your commercial building allow people on the roof, like if you have a green roof for example, you must make sure there are no tripping hazards and that your roof is structurally sound and strong enough to hold the weight of people.

It is also important for the interior of your building.

We’ve already mentioned how leaks can cause slipping hazards, but there are other issues such as fire hazards caused by debris.

Another issue is mould and mildew, which if left to grow can contribute to poor air quality inside the building. These are caused by excess moisture so making sure you quickly take care of any leaks and that your ventilation is well maintained is vital.

The safety of your customers and staff should be one of your highest priorities as a business owner.

Everything from loose tiles to holes in your roof can lead to issues that could potentially cause harm to these individuals, so you must make sure regular maintenance takes place and any hazards are quickly dealt with.

If an issue with your roof does lead to an injury for someone, you will be liable if you haven’t maintained it properly.

Improves the Look of the Building

The way your building looks has a big impact on your brand.

It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression, so if you have a roof that looks unkempt and poorly maintained, you may turn people away before they even enter your property.

Things that can make a roof (and the building it is attached to) look bad are damage, debris, and general uncleanliness.

Over time, roofs naturally accumulate dirt and debris, but if you want your building to look sleek and clean, this could cause an issue.

It is also a good idea to maintain the appearance in terms of updating your roof.

Maybe your old one is looking a bit worn and a touch of paint may help to give it a new lease of life?

Curb appeal is important for getting people through your door and into your commercial property, and the first thing people look at is the exterior to your building, which includes the roof.

A roof that looks clean, healthy, and like the business has really taken it’s time to look after it can add a positive reflection onto your business, and may be the difference between someone popping in and making a purchase, to someone deciding to go somewhere else.

Minimum Disruption to Business

The last thing you want in business is to have to lock your doors and close your property to the public.

This will end up costing you sales and losing you revenue.

If you regularly maintain your roof, there is less chance of damage occurring that requires a replacement or a big fix.

Roofs are a buildings protection against the outside elements, so if there is an issue that means it can’t do its job, or that it isn’t structurally sound, then you will have to close the property underneath and it won’t be safe.

If you have a large commercial building and you have left issues without resolving them and you now need a new roof, this could take weeks to complete the job, and in this time your property will be unusable.

For many business, this will be a disaster.

If you keep a close eye on your roof and make sure it is well maintained and that all issues are dealt with when they are easy enough to fix quickly with minimum disruption, then you minimise the risk of a lengthy closure, which is a big plus to your business.

Lowers the Chance of Emergency Repairs

Commercial buildings are normally owned by businesses who want to make money.

One thing that often ends up costing a fair bit are emergency repairs. These are the issues that have to be dealt with immediately and often cost more than ones that can be left and dealt with in your own time.

Some emergency issues are unavoidable, such as rips caused by debris in a storm for example, but some can be avoided.

For example, if you have a leak that is left unresolved, it may not seem bad at first, but maybe this ends up rotting some of your roof structure.

One day this may collapse, and then you will need a repair quickly.

If you maintained the roof and fixed the leak early on, this could have been avoided.

While maintaining your roof may seem like a chore and may feel like you’re not fixing any issues, just by keeping it in a healthy condition, you will reap the benefits by avoiding costly and awkward emergency repairs.

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