Why you should get your roof inspected

Roofs are made to help protect a properties interior from damages.

A roof should be routinely inspected to avoid major wear and tear or damages to occur. If you wait for something to happen before getting your roof checked, it could end up costing you way more than a regular inspection.

At Roofpro we are qualified to give your roof a professional and in depth inspection.

Here are a few signs you should definitely get a roof inspection.

Indicators of a Damaged or Lost Tile

Tiles are increasingly popular amongst domestic properties.

If you notice a leak from your ceiling or damp patches, this may be due to a cracked or lost roof tile. Water could have slipped through the gap and into the underlying felt and if left, this could case major damage.

Damp Patches

Not even flat roofs are immune from water penetration, and this type of roof is actually very common in commercial buildings. If you are experiencing damp patches in your ceiling it may be due to a tear or crack in the roof. To be able to really tell what is causing the issue, it is vital that you consult a professional.

You won’t be able to catch it from ground view, so letting someone get onto your roof for a thorough look could save any future damage from happening.


It’s always better to get professionals to check your roofs as it may not be safe to ascend a ladder to do it yourself.

At Roofpro we have years of experience navigating roofs and climbing those heights in a more controlled way.

Also if you have no knowledge or experience, you could end up doing more harm than good to your roof.

If handling a roof repair yourself, be careful what you are using to do the repairs. Handling certain chemicals and materials can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly.


When the weather is warm it is best to get an inspection or roof repairs.

Not only is it safer for roofers but it’s also the best time for certain roof types to be installed.

Roof is More Than 10 Years Old

If you’ve never checked your roof since you moved into the property and it’s over a certain amount of years old, it’s best to get it inspected.

This is for your safety and to ensure you wouldn’t need to pay out more if any major damages occurred. Likely over a course of a certain amount of years the roof will need replacing or repairing.

Get In Touch

Have you noticed any of the above? Or just want an inspection just in case?

Get in touch today and book your inspection now.

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